Tips for Choosing Fresh and Fleshy Crabs

Crabs can be found almost every part of the world, they are very tasty sea creatures which makes many people go and buy from the crab’s vendors near them. The crab’s vendors are found almost in every city and town. Identify one good vendor who always stocks many types of crabs so that you can have many to choose from when you go to buy the crabs. The vendor should be able to answer every question regarding crabs, for instance, you may want to know the day the specific crab was caught, the crab vendor should be honest and tell you the exact day so that you may decide whether to buy the crab or not. The crab when caught should not go for two days before being cooked, the crabs tend to go bad after the said days and it advised to dispose the crab at a friendly environment where it won’t pose any environmental danger. View more about crabs in this article.

The crab that is good for cooking is the crab that is big and mature, they have big bodies than the other crabs which have not matured. The best way to identify the crab that fully grown is to observe and to check the crab’s claws. The claws will tell you mature crabs and crabs which are still growing, mature crabs have blunt and flattened claws while the not so matured crabs have sharp claws. Mostly check for right claws, the crab uses the right claw to fight and also to crush its prey causing the claw to be blunt and flat. Discover more about crabs here:

Make sure to inspect the body of the crab before buying the given crab. Inspect the freshness of the crab when choosing among many grabs, if it has awful smell then it means the crab is not fresh also the crab that seems to have changed its color should be avoided as it could have overstayed in the vendor water tanks. Check the underbelly of the crab to ascertain if the crab has more flesh or not, press the flap of the crab with your finger to check if the crab has a lot of flesh or not. The more the firmness of the flap the more the fleshy the crab is. The fleshy and unfleshly crabs have different bellies, the fleshy crabs have firm tinted yellow belly while the ones which are not fleshy have a soft belly and are blue in color. To learn more about crabs, click on this link:

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